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DNS Management

DNS Services

Domain Name Service

With our fully featured control panel you have access to Nameserver changes and a full suite of DNS features to enable you to configure your domain names to use any IP based services. Including IPv4 and IPv6 as well as SRV (Server records), configuration of the SOA allows you to be able to make DNS changes rapidly and securely.

Using the Plesk control panel by Parallels you can easily manage your online presence, using our services as a slave or master DNS server for your online portfolio.



Search Engine Optimisation

A lot of London datacenters have a high price tag and a waiting list. Our dedicated facility boasts lower than London prices with no waiting lists allowing for rapid deployment of your servers.

We provide IPv4 and IPv6 addresses with every server, and assist in managing your installation to make the setup of your services simple and fast.

Website Hosting

Need to be Heard?

Website Design

As leaders in performance hosting it only makes sense for us to use our vast knowledge of hosting to make websites, our teams conjure up some amazing designs and take advantages of the latest technology to ensure that you get the site you need.

Websites in the world of web 2.0 are vastly complicated and require for many advanced features, not only will you find the expertise here, but we contribute to many projects to hone our skills, and our software is used by thousands.

Domain Management

Portfolio Management

Domain Management

We have been registering domains for over 10 years. Yes we are that old. However, we still follow and design systems to ensure that your domain portfolio is secure and well protected. Using our systems and experitise we keep you informed of your renewal dates.

Our unique tools and flexibility ensure that we can provide you with complete peice of mind when dealing with you profitable internet real estate.